3 Tips For Following Up After Submitting a Resume

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3 min readAug 19, 2020

It was difficult to learn whether to follow up on the days of the online resume application. You can apply the curriculum vitae on a working board and can never contact a real person without working with a recruiter. You will never even learn about your submission, which makes it particularly difficult to know how to track and how to do so. But never fear, after submitting a curriculum vitae, we gathered some sound tips for suitable monitoring solutions.

Searching and interviewing will take too long these days. This is particularly true for large organizations that still possess some obsolete, time-consuming online application processes.

Ask your client whether it was only pressing a button or if your knowledge needs to be entered manually. When in a week or two you don’t hear from anyone in the business, do you think that the job is a no-go job? If you don’t even know who you applied to, how can you follow up?

1. Use email at the two-week

Use email to meet the position you applied for at the two-week mark. Many companies prefer email to have a contact record. You will find a general company or an HR mailbox for sending an email if you have submitted through a web portal where there is no email to monitor it. Please type the name of your work in the subject line when you send the email. Write a competent follow-up document in succinct form. If you don’t know the hiring manager’s name, simply use the salutation, Dear Hiring Team Write that you are following up on the specific job application and that you are extremely interested in the position. End the email with a professional salutation and always reiterate your contact information to make it easier for the hiring manager to follow up.

2. Try calling the company

Try to call the company. This may sound a bit like stalking today, but it’s all right to reach out over the phone, particularly when you know the hiring manager’s name. Tend to call early or late in the day a few times and try to reach someone before they end the post. Your name and telephone number and the role you applied for should be concise. Thank you to the employer for considering your candidacy and for reiterating your interest in the job. Take the same straightforward method if you have anyone on the phone. Ask whether they need anything else to help them understand your qualifications. It’s also all right to ask how long it takes for the applicants to study the process and take the next steps.

Thank you for reviewing your application in both cases. In both cases. Let the employer know that if you move into the role and get to the city. Ask if you want to meet you for coffee or whether the staff should talk about your day in the area. You should do all this carefully, politely worded, and not too pushy. It even helps to write a script before you even take your cell. Sometimes.

3. Partner with a recruiter

Recruiter associate. Associate. Emonics can help you find the perfect job with you. We keep our applicants updated and help them develop their curriculum vitae and interview skills.


If your resume is right, you should follow up after sending your resume. Let’s then go over some resume follow-up tips to get this line successfully. Using our follow-up email sample curriculum vitae to see a follow-up call script and luckily you have validated ways to track a work application.



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