4 Basic Tips to Kickstart your 2021 Recruitment

Characteristically, a new year carries the promise of progress with it. With anticipation and a renewed sense of resolve, we look towards new beginnings. And while 2021 might not start with the bang we wished for, as you want to move on, it is still important to proceed. Siren calls for vaccinations are just that; those working in recruiting need to expect and plan for another year of unrest. Forewarned is forearmed, so let you be set up for success by Emonics. Here are our easy steps from the get-go to get you focused.


It is important to be able to predict and adapt to the changing talent acquisition environment. Johnny Campbell cited uncertainty in his article on the coming patterns for the year as still being omnipresent in 2021. In how they locate, employ, onboard, and engage applicants, recruiters will need to follow a versatile approach; the conventional practice just won’t cut it anymore. To cope with the continued turbulence of COVID, talent management teams need to organize themselves.

So, whether that’s streamlining the AI and automation processes or completely embracing virtual interview and training tools, recruiters will support the ever-changing needs of an organization confidently. Taking an agile approach to recruit, according to a recent Gartner study, will see a 31 percent improvement in efficiency for recruiters. Things do not go back to how they were, but being adaptable to change will become the latest secret weapon for a recruiter.

learning and development

Learning and growth must come in combination with versatility. If they are to find success in the modern world, a recruiter’s toolbelt needs to broaden. In order to adapt, as practices shift and mutate, so too should the recruiter. In reality, the fastest-growing skill for recruiters, according to LinkedIn, is actually personal development-the ability to add new skills. L&D can allow talent teams to serve as a source of information about new strategies and best practices in an attempt to add some clarity and experience to an organization. With industry experts delivering hyper-relevant content in bitesize classes, you’re upskilling at your own rate. Recruiters, equipped with up-to-date data, can easily tackle the curveballs that COVID still throws at us.

Consistent communication

A renewed significance for connectivity was one beneficial by-product that 2020 brought. We eventually realized that direct and constant communication contributed to progress, motivated by the enormous transition to remote work and the ambiguity of everyday life. When it was in short supply, our morning stand-ups and weekly check-ins fostered serenity, pushing us to admit that contact really forms the basis of solid relationships. So, when you reach out to applicants, keep this firmly in mind. As many as 58 percent of job seekers see outstanding communication as the key factor in developing a favorable environment for applicants. Keep future hires interested in the recruiting process and knowledgeable about it. Map each touchpoint to the post-application notifications from pre-application messages and interview scheduling. Provide explanation and scaffolding. Do not regress; when turbulence is widespread, contact is crucial.

Be polite

It may seem like a very woolly point to finish on, but in recruiting, humanity is now of utmost importance. It pays to show some heart as our world continues to digitize and be shaken by confusion. Ensure that the outreach is welcoming, straightforward, and competent. Show that you’re putting the individual first. Now, more than ever, applicants are deeply interested in who a corporation is, what they stand for, and how staff and clients are assisted. For a variety of factors, times are rough and recruiters need to be attuned to this. As a key soft power, empathy should not be ignored.

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