5 Subtle Ways To Appear More Powerful At Work

Most professionals are aware that certain habits allow them to be perceived favorably in the workplace. And how our professional image is viewed is quite important. If you’re new to the workforce, it’s critical that you learn how to engage, influence, negotiate and persuade so that you can get things done and not be taken for granted. With competition becoming increasingly harsh and coworkers attempting to dominate and outsmart you at every turn, it’s important to know how to handle such situations with assertiveness and comprehensive professionalism.

Don’t be afraid to make a statement

Remember that the corporate world is a dog-eat-dog environment, so be wary of people who take advantage of you. Say exactly what you’re thinking and mean exactly what you’re thinking. Make sure assertiveness isn’t confused with hostility. If someone has said anything hurtful to you or is bullying you, don’t be afraid to speak out.

Assertiveness is one of those skills that takes time to develop but is something that we should all strive for. You must realize your worth in order to become more assertive. Consider how and what you give to your job to acknowledge your worth.

Strike a Pose of Strength

The way you carry yourself says a lot more about you than the words you say. You’ve already lost half the battle if you’re slouching or fidgeting constantly during a crucial presentation. Your body language clearly expresses your sentiments, objectives, and message to your coworkers, seniors, and employer.

Hold your hands on your hips and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, elbows out. Even small body language tricks like firm handshakes, maintaining eye contact, and keeping your back straight can help you feel and project strength at work.

Establish a Positive Reputation

Knowledge, expertise, and work ethics all play a role in determining one’s authority or status inside a company. At work, your job title may not always command respect; what you do between 9 and 6 is what matters most. Build a strong reputation — soft skills like courtesy, diligence, and honesty can help you improve your professional image.

Always arrive on time, accomplish assignments before deadlines, and assist coworkers or new hires who are having trouble with the process. It won’t win you any awards or praise, but it will earn you a strong reputation. Also, keep in mind that reputation carries a lot of weight.

Put Language’s Power to Good Use

When you can’t express yourself clearly, people have a tendency to generate a negative impression of you. And, obviously, no one wants to have this kind of reputation at work. What you say and how you say it are both taken into consideration. They will believe anything you say or do if you are assertive and convincing. Use powerful words like “I believe,” “excellent,” and “success,” and work on your speech, tone, and tonality to give an added layer of authority.

During meetings, provide feedback. Inquire about difficulties and suggest potential solutions. If you disagree with someone, express so in a civil manner. It will help you get the respect of your superiors and earn you the reputation of being someone who speaks up.

Maintain your professionalism at all times

Despite the fact that many companies are adopting a casual dress code to attract millennials, keep in mind that your approach and demeanor should be professional at all times. You’ve come to work and you’re serious about it. Never forget that you are continuously being judged by your coworkers and superiors, whether on or off the job site. Every action you take, from the words you utter to the actions you take, is constantly on their radar.


You must first take yourself seriously in order to be perceived as more powerful or regarded seriously at work. Conduct oneself in a professional context with the utmost confidence, respect, and competence. People pick up on your work ethics, conduct, and personality most of the time. You will be viewed as confident and powerful if you act confident and forcefully.

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