Career Networking Importance

The importance of career networking when you’re in the middle of a job hunt should not be underestimated. Career networking should be a part of your daily job and career-related activities. Your career network will be in place for both job hunting and going up the career ladder when you need it. It makes sense to have an active career network because you never know when you may need it.

1. The goal of career networking

Career networking includes using personal, technical, academic or family connections to help you search for a job, achieve career goals, learn more about your industry, or other areas you would like to work in. Networking can be a good place to learn about job openings or get in at a business in which you would like to work.

2. Networking Advice

Involve the right people: Anyone can assist you with a job quest or career change that will include your career network. This may involve former and present co-workers, supervisors, friends with mutual interests, industry group mates, university alumni or acquaintances you’ve met through online networking services. Your network can also include relatives, neighbors and anyone who may have a helpful link.

Know what your career network can do for you: More than 80% of job seekers say their network helped them find a job. Communication networking can aid in more than just job leads. They will provide feedback or insider knowledge about companies with which you might be interested in working. We will provide insight into career areas that you may want to pursue or on the other side of the world what the work market is like. Your network will send you advice on where to look for jobs or test your resume.

Keep the network in touch and work: Don’t just contact someone who can help when you’ve just been laid off from the job or decide you’re looking for a new career. Stay in touch regularly with your network, even if it’s only a quick email to say hello and ask how they’re doing. Customers will support more when they know who you are.

Give your job network anything back: Networking should not be a one-way path. Share this with your network if you come across an interesting article or a related job listing. The idea of creating a career network is to have tools that can support but when you can, you can reciprocate.

Social network: Sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and a number of other social networking platforms can help you get in contact with other networkers at similar businesses, college affiliations or in a certain geographical area. Furthermore, if you are a college graduate, you can have an Alumni career network that you can use. Make sure you know what you want when networking with people you don’t know. Looking for information on the company? Do you want to know about job opportunities? Be specific in what you ask for.

3. Why should invest time on career networking

Networking will help you recruit and through your career.

  1. 80 percent of professionals agree that professional networking is necessary for success in their careers.
  2. 35 percent of the professionals surveyed say that a casual chat on LinkedIn Messaging has given rise to a new chance.
  3. 61 percent of professionals agree that frequent online contact with their professional networks could lead to job opportunities.

Who To Talk With

  1. co-workers, colleagues, managers, supervisors, or employees
  2. clients and customers
  3. Business associates
  4. Someone you meet and have a polite, constructive discussion about your career path


A good professional net-worker is constantly listening, joining and working on developing long-term communication relationships not just impressing the boss or getting what they need and go. Our job networking tips guide will give you insight into why contact-making matters, and how to do it.




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Get IT Staffing Solutions and hire qualified IT professionals from Emonics LLC. We deliver immediate access to top-notch talent. we have the connections to get

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