COVID-19: How Companies Changing Recruiting Process

Interviews aren’t what they were once. The lengthy multi-visit interview process is now changing, with social media and digital profiles, and phone calls to screen candidates. Sourcing and interviewing an applicant today is simpler than ever before, without ever meeting someone in person. Before COVID-19, outbreak, and pandemic, several businesses took advantage of technology that simplified interviewing and business every day. Apps such as Skype, Dropbox, and file-sharing sites, with staff gradually starting to work more frequently from home. But now, the corona is checking certain methods of interviewing.

Organizations are adopting home policy research to help counter the spread of the virus and to keep workers safe. Investing in technology would be essential to sustaining profitability and attracting new talent.

Interviews will shift considerably, as the social distance becomes the norm

Interviews in person will be turning into video interviews for the time being. Team recruiting needs to change. Prioritize video interviews and implement strategies for online onboarding and training that make it convenient for both the HR and applicant teams.

Focus on comfort for candidates and increasing the emotional intelligence of your team

Interviews are always trembling nerves. Throw yourself into the chaos of a global pandemic, and we can guarantee that everybody is on edge. Working to make applicants feel just as relaxed and relevant as they do during a more convenient process is crucial for businesses and hiring managers. The job is still needed, and careful handling of the interview process is still necessary.

Advise applicants to prepare for an in-person interview and not read from a script as needed. Managers or teams conducting interviews will challenge the candidate with knowledgeable and educated questions. However, be vigilant not only about what an individual is saying but also their body language, vocal inflection, however non-verbal signs. Stay on guard to eliminate any uncertainty or adverse results in recruiting.

Make the process easy

Tap a talent network or applicant pool that you might already have when promoting, optimizing, or introducing a referral system for the employees. The degree of comfort on both sides of this equation would usually be higher, simplifying the recruiting process from a point. Those applicants may be more technically confident. This is especially true if in the past they found the role on social media, or interacted with your team through video resources.

However, these applicants are more likely to be former employees, friends or current employee families, and staff who might not have been the right match for a previous job but have the expertise you need now. Allow your workers to share job opportunities with their networks so they can become active participants in your recruitment process.

The world of labor is shifting. In particular, as COVID-19 continues to grow, and businesses need to find ways of continuing business including recruiting efforts. Implement wise, new improvements to your team’s interview procedure to ensure that your team’s best talent always nets the recruiting process.



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