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3 min readDec 1, 2021


Employee engagement, retention, productivity, and morale can all benefit from showing your appreciation. Hosting events, happy hours, volunteer opportunities, and annual retreats are all ways to show your gratitude. Props, prizes, recognition programs, gift cards, fitness opportunities, paid time off, and social media plaudits are all other methods to acknowledge your staff.

Here are some unique methods to show your staff how much you care:

1. Make use of a gamification system for the workplace

Each employee might claim jobs of their choice and collect the related point values after they were completed. Employees might use these points to get things like extra vacation time, work-from-home days, and company-paid continuing education through a corporate rewards program. It’s one thing to praise employees in ways that make sense to you, but the gamification tool we employed allowed them to be appreciated in ways that meant the most to them.

2. Use social media to express your gratitude

On our social media networks, we congratulate our employees on their birthdays and service anniversaries. Each article will include a photo as well as information about the employee’s contribution to the company or an intriguing detail about them that their coworkers and others may not be aware of.

3. A team award should be delegated

The recently established Cash Me at My Best initiative recognizes team members who go above and above during the busy season, with the purpose of pushing appreciation down from higher-ranking staff members. Employees who are honored receive an email with a summary of why they are being honored, as well as a gift card that can be redeemed at any time during the busy season. These deposits are then shared at the firm’s weekly staff meeting to publicize the award and maintain a strong team spirit during the busy season.

4. Allow extra vacation time for your employees

Today, the most valuable approach to acknowledge an employee is to give them time off, or time to do anything other than work. Family, a pastime, a charity, or a brief holiday are all possibilities. We don’t believe it needs to be routine or consistent, and we believe it is most valuable when it is unexpected.

5. Feed them

Have a lunchtime party on the company’s dime. People enjoy being fed. This form of incentive will not only bring your office together and develop interpersonal relationships, but it will also make everyone feel appreciated.

6. Make an employee appreciation program

Create an employee recognition program to formally acknowledge each employee throughout the year. You can also have each team come up with their own system for acknowledging their coworkers on a daily basis. You can have team members give verbal praise or go a step further by rewarding and incentivizing the individuals that stand out the most. Consult your employees to identify which form of employee recognition program they like.


People will find out if you treat your staff badly in this day and age of online reviews and social media. You don’t want to be identified as a company to stay away from. Furthermore, consumers are more likely to support businesses that treat their employees well, and quality candidates are more likely to apply to work for those businesses.



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