How to Deal with a Toxic Boss

Your relationships at work are extremely important to your mental health. Since you spend the majority of your time at work, getting along with your colleagues and manager is critical to your overall satisfaction. However, for some people, this isn’t always the case. Some of us deal with awful colleagues and managers, and while you might ignore the coworker who just sends urgent emails, you can’t ignore your boss.

Since your boss has such a large effect on your professional future, a toxic boss can trigger feelings of unending anxiety, fear, and a life in which you feel stuck. You can’t break ties or fight back as you would with a toxic friend or significant other because you have to see them every day, and if you cross the line, you risk being shot. You might search for another job to get out of the situation, but you shouldn’t have to quit your chosen career path because of the jerk in charge. So, if you can’t get away from your obnoxious boss and need some advice about how to be happy at work, here’s how to do it.

Make a decision on whether you want to stay or leave

The first step in dealing with a toxic boss is to make a fair decision about whether to remain or leave. If you’re stuck, consider how mentally and physically the situation is impacting you. If you want to keep going, you’ll have to develop some coping mechanisms to counteract the detrimental impact of their behaviour on your mental health.

Keep in mind that there’s a deeper reason for it

There’s an explanation for this person’s bad behaviour. Maybe their home life is a disaster, and they’re venting their frustrations on you. It doesn’t make it right or fair, but it could clarify a lot. Instead of trying to scream at them, try looking at them from the eyes of compassion.

Make an effort not to take it personally

It’s easier said than done, but allowing disrespectful remarks to pass you by can only improve your emotional state. What will your boss even say to ruffle your feathers if you’re truly happy with who you are and know how hard you work? Whatever the issue is, it is not your concern.

Recognize that they are flawed human beings

You’d assume that someone in a management role must have exceptional technical skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills. This isn’t always the case, however. Your manager, like everyone else, has personality flaws that could be improved.

Don’t spread rumours

Distancing yourself from the source will help you maintain your sanity. This entails seeing the toxic individual as different from yourself. Even if you don’t like or admire them, don’t make fun of them. Emotional intelligence is shown by speaking favourably about others or, at the very least, overcoming the urge to speak negatively of others. If you must complain, do it outside of the office.


During the recruiting process, a charming and engaging applicant will easily fool an inexperienced hiring manager. It’s always too late to do something about their actions until they’re safely within the institution and through the probation era. I hope you never have to work for a boss like this, but if you do, these tips should help.

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