How to Do a Skills-Based Job Search

Your skills are crucial in establishing what type of job you should have, it makes sense to perform a job search based on them. You may offer yourself a greater chance of getting the job and creating a career you enjoy by first assessing your skills and then looking for a position that matches your strengths. We’ll show you how to analyze your skills and start looking for work based on them in this article.

How do you evaluate your abilities?

You need to know what your skills are before you start looking for a job based on them. It’s a good idea to assess your abilities and compile a list of your strengths. Here’s how to go about it:

Take a look at your current position

If you’re already employed, start by looking over the job description for your present employment. Look for the attributes that the hiring managers were seeking when you were hired. These characteristics are likely still applicable to you, so make a note of them on your list. If you can’t discover your current job description, look for similar positions at other organizations and see what traits they offer in their job descriptions.

Begin by focusing on soft skills

Soft skills are abilities that are associated with your personality. Knowing how to use accounting software, for example, is a hard skill, whereas analytical thinking is a soft skill. Consider which traits best represent your work personality. Communication, listening, empathy, problem-solving, creativity, and time management are just a few of the skills you might want to add to your list.

Read the job descriptions carefully

As you go through your list of occupations, make sure to read the job descriptions thoroughly. Try to figure out what skills the work requires and compare them to your list of abilities. If they do, this job can be added to your shortlist. Reading the job description carefully can not only help you determine if the job is a good fit for your skills, but you can also use the skills they highlight in your CV or application to improve your chances of receiving an interview.

Take a look at similar jobs

When you conduct a job search, search engines will usually show you alternative positions that are relevant to your search. You should look at these related jobs to see if they are a good fit for you. For example, you might be seeking a job as an online paid advertising manager, but discover that a related position such as social media manager is a better fit. Looking at similar positions can also help you figure out what talents are in demand in that field, which is useful information to have if you want to develop your career in the future.


Don’t put your faith in luck. You can rely on yourself. Take command of the situation. Consider the uncomfortable situation as a challenge rather than a threat. All job seekers have the option of developing ways of thinking and acting that will help them achieve better achievements.

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