How To Ensure A Candidate Experience When Working Remotely

The recruiting process as we know it has changed very significantly, with many of us now employed remotely. An entirely online hiring process can be a mixed bag, whether temporarily or permanently so. Although online sourcing and initial interaction with candidates is ideally suited, the process usually shifts to in-person when a candidate makes it further down the funnel. When that is not possible, how will you ensure that the candidate still has a successful experience, still gets a feeling for the atmosphere of your business and, crucially, can still work for you?

If you need the experience of your candidate to be absolutely remote yet brilliant yet, we’ve covered you with these eight easily actionable measures.


A badly run interview can put off candidates at the best of times. Lack of planning and bad management, as you perform video interviews, is all the more evident. The candidate will expect you to lead the interview, whether optimistic or anxious, and as such, you should be prepared to. Be sure of your position, and trust in it.

Know how your video equipment works, choose a neutral setting, have your questions ready beforehand. Remember also that you are their main point of contact. Be friendly and polite, don’t forget that you are the first person they associate with the company more than ever, so it’s crucial that you create the right impression.

Prepare your candidate

In the best of times a pretty crucial part of the hiring process, but it is particularly important to plan the candidate when the hiring process is completely distant. As the recruiting industry is swinging between freezes and high-volume hiring, it’s important to tell any applicants exactly what they should expect.

Give your candidates everything they need to help make the best impression, let them know what tools you are going to use and share advice on how to get a good lighting and environment setup. Make sure they know what to expect in terms of who they’re going to be talking to, what the dress code is, and what kinds of questions you might ask. We made a video guide to go into more depth about this.

Taking the time to support candidates with this will not only allow everyone concerned to go more smoothly, it will also show the candidate that you are interested in their success.

Interview panel

If your candidates aren’t used to video interviews, don’t forget that there is also a fair chance that your interview panel does not. Make sure they stick to the best practices that you have spoken to your candidates about. Why not share with them these short video interview guides on best practices for interviewees?

We would also suggest that you have a fast meeting with them through video conferencing to run through your setup and find a preventive solution to any problems they might have. It’s certainly worth going through some of the basics as well as smiles and facial signs are key, the backdrop should be neutral and it’s vital to be dressed appropriately.

Share the community in new and innovative ways

Although you might be forgiven for believing these are all just niceties, small introductions and showing off the office all help to paint your candidate’s image of your company culture. An applicant is going to apply for a job, but get excited about the community, so it’s important to demonstrate that differently.

Post it if you have a Team Instagram account. Have you interviewed any of your staff in documents you might hand over? Where is the press reporting of your business out there? How about the workplace and employee video material, or podcasts and webinars? If you don’t have something pre-made, why not ask your employees to give you any photographs or videos of team events or activities they’ve done. Everything that helps your candidate get a feel for your office ‘s personality outside the position itself.

Small talk!

It’s very easy to forget about the small talk when digital meetings are scheduled to the minute. In reality, you would be showing people around, casually chatting and introducing people. Not only does this highlight your culture, but it also allows you candidates to support if and when they enter your company. Take the time to talk to them, both on a human and professional level.

Feedback to unsuccessful candidates

Every candidate deserves a great experience regardless of whether or not they succeed. Consider providing positive input to the applicants you are not recruiting, if possible.

Research from LinkedIn shows that after an interview 94 per cent of candidates want to provide input. If you can, give them tips to help them learn, or recommend skills they should develop. This means the experience is still important to them, but not quite in the way they originally expected it.


When you give them the work a successful candidate experience doesn’t end! Consider what your new hire will need to do its job efficiently, conveniently and successfully for onboarding. Even if it is a temporary step, getting it right is crucial.

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