How to Expand Your Professional Network

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3 min readAug 12, 2021


It’s always a good idea to grow your network continuously whether or not you are currently looking for a new job or career. You never know when it’s time to change and if you keep your circle large, I hope you can put another person in touch with the right people some time ago too.

When most people hear the word networking, they imagine a cocktail party consisting of the distributors of their business cards asking who can meet them and they get on top of it. Although this is definitely one of the best-known network methods, there are numerous other ways to develop and interact in-house and virtually with people.

Make use of social media

This sounds clear, but the majority of people only use social networking platforms to keep in touch with long-distance family members or old college friends. It can be a most useful tool if you make use of your social media as a method of growing your personal brand. Participate in industry groups and post or share links on your page on industry-related topics, comment, and discuss posts that are relevant to your field and interests. This gives you a lot of credibility’s and you will begin to be considered a good job/company person. It’s not just about asking for networking, it’s about giving as well.

In case you attend an event like a convention or trade fair, contact others who attend and get to know some before the day. You can still set up a separate account for networking if you prefer not to mix business with personal information.

Put up a list

You still have an email list, even if you don’t have your own business. Start by listing everyone from your college, internships, past jobs, past events, etc. Enter your email and where you live. Then expand to friends of friends and friends. Continue to add to your list every time you connect and ensure that each person is maintained from time to time in contact. This can look like a telephone or text call, an email, or a direct social media message. Staying on the radar is essential; just don’t create the list and say it. Networking also means that people are seen and kept in mind.

Conduct good networking activities

In the long run, people will remember what you did for them. Select a few people and do something about their personal brand a few times a week or a month. Submit it on LinkedIn, leave a good review of Yelp for your company, contact two people you know, recommend them to people who write. You can do a professional gesture to someone in an endless list of ways. When you did this, people will remember and be happy to return their favor.


As you can see, there are many ways to expand your network. Recall, it takes time to grow a network, so be patient as you grow.



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