How to Motivate Creative Employees

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3 min readJun 28, 2021


Your company has a lot of creative people working for it. Some are simple to identify, while others are packed with untapped potential that can help your company thrive in a constantly changing market. Many businesses unwittingly stifle innovation, so learning how to motivate creative staff can help you stand out from the crowd.

You may motivate employees from all sections of the firm to give more ideas by building a culture that encourages creativity. This variety broadens your pool of ideas and raises your chances of success.

Give feedback on new ideas

Employees need to feel that their creativity is valued because coming up with fresh ideas requires time and effort. You’re seeking suggestions and feedback from your coworkers. That’s got to be a two-way road.

Establish a point person to provide input on each of the creative ideas you get. You can also use an online vote and commenting system to crowdsource the process or hold a live brainstorming session. Employees will be more encouraged to offer ideas again if they understand why their ideas worked or did not work.

Recognize and reward teamwork

When it comes to creativity, it’s usually an iterative process in which one person comes up with the first concept and others jump in to refine it. Because the best teams feed off one another, they must be motivated to collaborate.

Prizes for the best idea frequently promote competition rather than collaboration. This stifles innovation and irritates individuals whose efforts go unnoticed. Instead, thank everyone who was involved. As a result, future teamwork will be encouraged, and innovation will be sparked.

Consider the setting in which you’re putting your creative effort

When top executives consider innovation, they prefer to look five or ten years ahead, whereas employees are more concerned with immediate benefits. Employees may submit suggestions that are discarded as being off-target as a result of the discord, a missed opportunity that saps motivation.

Tell your team what you want to achieve when you’re looking for new ideas. Make people think in a different way. What can we do today to put us in a strong position five years from now, given how the market appears to be changing? This specificity gives creative employees the tools they need to succeed. Failures that have been well-thought-out should be celebrated. Even when an idea is thoroughly vetted before being released, it is not uncommon for it to fail. It takes a lot of courage to be creative. Reward well-thought-out ideas, even if they fail, to encourage inventiveness.


Honor those that put forth the effort and have the audacity to try something new. This conveys the message to employees that you value their positive attitude and readiness to attempt new things. Furthermore, your firm requires those failures because they frequently bring essential insights that aid in your success.



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