Long Term Unemployment

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2 min readSep 18, 2020


The long-term unemployed, often known as Americans on the sides, refer to candidates who have been out of work for 25 weeks or longer. According to the United States The Labor Statistics Bureau had approximately 1.2 million long-term unemployed Americans in early March 2020 in the run-up to the COVID-19 epidemic and the massive wave of cyclical unemployment. This figure does not include individuals who have lost their jobs and abandoned their job search. The United States has endured high levels of long-term unemployment over the last decade since the Great Recession in almost all populations, places, and education, which will undoubtedly continue to rise owing to the economic effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.


Data indicate that it is harder for you to get back into the workforce the longer you are out of employment. The unemployment curve for those who are unemployed for more than six months, recorded by The Atlantic, is growing regardless of age, education level, be it a blue-collar worker, White-collar employee, or even elderly people all that is important is the length of your time out of work.

Due to the personal difficulties and situations that make you feel senseless, depressed, lack of trust and self-dude, this data is understandable. These sensations are felt by long-term unemployed people at an elevated level and only the longer a person is unemployed.

New Employer

The long-term unemployed will encounter prejudice while trying to find a new employer due to negative stigma and wide gaps in the curriculum vitae that render you unmotivated wrong.

Job Interviews

Job interviews can also be a challenge because long-term unemployment can make applicants feel a loss of mind and a lack of sense of self and despair, as seen during interviews with their employees.


Certainly, unemployment can feel like a great personal problem, with a pendulum of optimistic and helpless emotions, but if you continually dwell on your current situation, it will be impossible to see any meaningful improvement.



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