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2 min readApr 16, 2020


Ignoring LinkedIn? It may be a major mistake in the job hunt and career development. LinkedIn is the leading forum for professional networking and recruiters and managers use it to locate top talent. If you’re not on board, then you could be left out.

1. Profile Heading

When you enter your profile on LinkedIn the first stuff people see is your profile photo and heading. The heading is flexible, and from the most recent role, you don’t have to abandon it as the job title. Customize it to best represent what you are doing in a new job, or what you are looking for. For instance, if you’re looking for an administrative support role, a headline you can use could be “A business analyst with more than 15 years of experience managing office organization, executive travel, etc.”

2. Terms will find your profile

As you would with a resume, you can change your experience to fit the types of jobs you want. Unlike your curriculum vitae, however, you cannot really do this with every single application. LinkedIn should not be static so it can be frustrating for prospective employers to change it every day. Only ensure your profile contains popular language in your industry. Recruiters looking for these keywords will consider your profile in that way.

3. Showcase Transferable Capabilities

You may be looking for a full transition to a profession. If you want a job without getting a specific background, this isn’t a difficult mission. But the best way to market yourself has to be. Display the experience which includes skills transferable. Lots of things you’ve done that can turn into other businesses or employment. For instance, if you’re a fresher, but are now searching for a qualified IT job, concentrate on the latest technology.

4. Completed profile

Algorithms given by LinkedIn offer preferences to completed profiles. Make sure your profile is filled out with all the correct details and check it regularly. You want a professional photo to be used as your profile image. Edit your title, add your entire background, and include any media you’ve published that could help you get views, such as a website or blog posts. Often, you should get advice from former employers. Although these do not substitute references, they will offer a strong starting point for a future employer.


LinkedIn is a valuable resource for those who are on career searching, but only when successfully used. You should be able to build a successful and convincing LinkedIn profile that will take you to your dream job.



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