Productivity Hacks For Recruiters

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3 min readSep 16, 2020


Recruiters often look to be more creative and realistic. They are inundated with up to 40 job seekers, and any little boost to the working ethic will help to differentiate between an overworked and a free weekend. Some efficiency enhancements, such as office rearrangement, can cost you a bit, but basic routine adjustments will help you do better without bleeding dry. Could recruiters can do a couple of things to improve their productivity.

Email Inbox

E-mail is vital to your role as a recruiter. Your candidates meet you most of the time via email, and what goes on at your job must be kept up-to-date. But it can be a concern to read too much email as it had been a recent study by some physicists. When they read every email, they found it cost them around $1500 per doctor.

A simple way to reduce the time of your email without cold turkey is to open your box with a clever Gmail or inbox app. This avoids the blockage of the emails for a certain time so that incoming messages will not interrupt you while you focus on important tasks.

Sunday work

Today is the least productive day of the week since we spend most of it on what we missed over the weekend and 45% of us feel bad and are not good at productive work. How are you doing that? How are you? Simple: take about an hour to clear your box on Sunday and perform the small tasks your Monday is typically filled with. This allows you to meet the stage on Monday until you enter and get ahead of the week. The famous Kickstarter The Passion Planner project begins on a Sunday even so you can jump on Monday, without the overwhelming feeling that we all get!

Stop Multitasking

Both think that they can do two things simultaneously and profit from them. When it happens, multiple work damages your brain and makes you less conscious and can harm your career in the long term. It hasn’t worked, and it can make you less productive. If you want more work to be done, teach yourself to concentrate on one task at a time and do it faster. Employers are extremely vulnerable to this, even though it has been demonstrated time and time again, with the exception of 2 % of the total workforce, it is not effective.

Do Some Small work

Prioritizing tasks to prevent too much multitasking will help you work easier, but you can spend time on spacing out. Of course, spacing and not functioning does not mean wasting time working to make the brain relax. These small tasks often have to be done and the opportunity to insert you into more menial work will help you concentrate on bigger tasks, too. Make your devoted braintime free for the hard work by doing basic tasks like organising email lists, clearing out your inbox, listening to voicemakers and expected expense reports while riding a fitness bike, watching a TV and standing in line.

Manage Your Social Media

Social media is a key tool for recruiters, just like e-mail. But it can also destroy as much efficiency as it saves, like email. As 60–80 percent of Americans report going to social media for unnecessary activities, social media is one of the biggest drains on productivity. As a recruiter, it is difficult to know whether you can do something useful and when to stop when you are doing nothing.



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