The 5 Long-Term Advantages of Hiring with Culture in Mind

The culture of a business relates to the common collection of principles, objectives, attitudes, actions, and activities that make up the organization. It is the ethos, the way people feel about the job they do, and the values in which they believe. From C-level execs to front line workers, it permeates everything and is a fundamental blueprint for all an organization does. The only sustainable competitive advantage that is solely under the reach of the entrepreneur is the business culture.

It contributes to a cohesive atmosphere when a business asserts a strong culture that allows a candidate who also shares these values to flourish. There are a variety of numerous long-term benefits provided by recruiting with culture in mind.

Job satisfaction is the most instant factor

This is the most immediate aspect, maybe. A happy employee who feels related will perform well in the workplace of the company immediately. An incongruent atmosphere can lead to frustration even if the job matches the capacity of an individual set on paper. For instance, Built-in reports that if they believe there is a lack of respect among colleagues, workers are 30 percent more likely to quit.


Employees who fully accept the culture of a company are more and more invested in every aspect of their job. They seem to be more optimistic and will strive to work harder and accomplish more.

Reduction in attrition

Hiring with culture in mind implies long-term hiring. There is considerably less desire to quit when the values and actions of workers and employers coincide. Decreasing turnover also decreases recruitment costs and cuts the cost of training. Losing an employee due to a poor connection with the culture can cost an organization between 50–60 percent of the annual salary of the person.

Commitment to company

90% of employees report feeling confident in their leadership team in companies that foster strong cultures. Intrinsically motivated to help the company achieve its objectives are sourcing candidates who consistently demonstrate behaviors that blend well.

Finding potential staff who can easily integrate and embrace a company’s core values helps drive long-term growth, facilitates integration, and even enhances retention rates. Within the first 18 months, as much as 50 percent of new hires fail due to bad fit, so it is important to find individuals who understand the DNA of the business and team.

It’s a tricky business to hire only for a cultural fit.

Hiring just for a cultural fit can be a tricky business. It’s an edge-knife standing on it. While statistically successful on the one hand, when abused, it can be a hazardous shorthand for discrimination. The benefit of sourcing people to suit a culture is clear. But it is also important to make sure that this doesn’t come at the cost of diversity. Biases need to be effectively and consciously separated. You want to target the right candidates for a position, those who fit into the culture of your company, but not if they exacerbate an issue of homogeneity.


The goal is to recruit, instead to add to the culture. You want to find individuals who not only align with the norms and values of the company but also bring different elements that contribute positively to an organization. There are immense advantages to hiring for a culture with the proper definition of your corporate culture, and objective instruments that can be measured against it. But rigor and vigilance are required for practice.

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