The Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks in 2020

Let’s think about what to do in the world of JavaScript by 2020. Many new frameworks emerge each year and many others are put aside because the JS world is so vast and full of possibilities. JavaScript is continuously changing because we used JS just a few years ago for minor changes in form but nowadays businesses are using JS in the backend and frontend. That’s awesome!

The ranking is focused on frameworks’ popularity, accessibility, and how much traction those frameworks are gaining.

1. Angular

Angular, currently in version 8, is a front-end, heavyweight application maintained by the company, Google. Angular is an MVC system (Model View Controller) that uses TypeScript, which is a different variant of JS vanilla or ECMA script. Angular is recommended because it gives us many useful tools and ready-made implementations from among its rivals for business applications, Vue and Reacts.

2. React

Reacting is perhaps the most talked-about system in the world at the front end because it has such a large group. This also makes it much simpler when it comes to phones. This is different from Vue because while the learning curve in React is high, you can create excellent applications once you know how to manage the syntax and ways to work with it.

3. Vue

Vue.js is a progressive application on javascript. Vue.js or just Vue bet on its simplicity and its quick learning curve has quicker manipulation of the DOM than its rivals (Angular and React) and is becoming more popular. Version 3.0 is planned for early 2020 so that as enhancements and new features are added we’ll keep an eye out.

4. Ember

Ember is a platform that aims to help developers build complex web applications, bringing ready code and resources. Ember is not spoken in the culture as commonly as Vue and Respond, but is an excellent structure.

5. Nuxt

Nuxt.js is a popular server-side-rendering system based on Vue.js and Node.js. This framework for developing web applications is extremely powerful, but while it is powerful, it has the same markup as Vue which makes it simple and easy to work with. Nuxt also has an open-source, with over 22k stars in GitHub, and is the first to build server-side apps for those using Vue.js.

6. Svelte

Svelte is an excellent framework that takes a different path from React and Vue. It brings the application facilities that all frameworks offer, however Svelte compiles the application to pure JavaScript (JS Vanilla) including third-party libraries and all third-party code when we put our code into development. This aspect of compiling pure JS code makes the framework extremely fast.

7. Gridsome

GridSome is another powerful Vue.js-based framework. Gridsome is designed to use Vue syntax for Static Site Generator as well as GraphQl to create powerful, fast websites, and apps can also work with markdown.

8. Backbone

Backbone, a JS code structuring MVC system, is commonly used in web applications that have a lot of interaction with JS and complex structures. This is perfect for JavaScript applications wide in scale.


This list is an overview of frameworks not a judgment of the best or the worst. What did you think of our top list for 2020, agree or disagree? Leave it in the comments, we’d love to discuss it.




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Get IT Staffing Solutions and hire qualified IT professionals from Emonics LLC. We deliver immediate access to top-notch talent. we have the connections to get

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